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Deco Gourd is the unique art of decopauge on bottle gourds. Each Deco Gourd has been handcrafted using gourds grown on our own farm in the Huasna Valley on the Central Coast of California.

Each bottle gourd is carefully picked, dried to a lite - weight wood, cleaned and painted before the artist creates the handcrafted design of decopauge. The final stage is 8 layers of a plastic coating applied by hand, giving the appearance of fine porcelain.

The combination of nature's own original shapes and the artistic vision has created the Deco Gourd, a one of a kind collectible Heirloom that is affordable.



Deco Gourds are not intended to hold unwrapped food or water.
Unfinished Gourds also available. Please call or write for a price list and information.

Gourd styles:

Base Color: Forest Green, Navy Blue, Black, Natural
Design Color: Spring - Summer, Fall - Winter
Actual design can and will vary




Containers (2 pieces)
Extra Large (11-12'' diameter): $49.95
Large (8-10''): $44.95
Medium (6-8''): $39.95
Small (5-6''): $34.95

Vases (1 piece)
Large (7-8''): $34.95
Medium (5-6''): $29.95
Small (4-5''): $19.95

Eggs on base: $19.95


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