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San Luis Obispo News

Brand New Travel Webisodes!
Check out my all about travel webisodes!

The Garden page has been updated. If you know of any public gardens that I did not list on the page please let me know! I hope you enjoy it and visit a garden on the Central Coast!

Surfing section has been updated!
I hope you check it out and really enjoy it!

Working on updates! For these recreation departments!
Surfing section will get updated dates and links. Gardens will get new font. As well as updated events. Fishing will get links added, directions to the lakes and new font. Lakes will get links added to the lakes. And directions, maps. Horseback riding will get content. Biking will get new font, better links and directions. Hiking will get a list of all of the hiking trails from Santa Barbara to Monterey. Bird watching will get updated events, new font etc... I will let you know when these updates and changes have been made! Gabrielle Sunheart with!

Avila Beach now has an updated page. With events and more!
Check out the new and improved Avila Beach page. And the Walk the pier page! It is a little bit nicer. I would like to add more piers to it perhaps soon!

New Update!
Just to let you all know I have updated the Performing Arts section. It now features the vast majority of stages and performance centers check it out under events section!

More updates that you can get involved with!
As these sections are updated I will be adding links for them to the home pages of all of the Cities! This will be a fun project that will really pay off for the locals and visitors! Add pictures to the Walk the pier page. Update the Surfing page. Get it current. Change the font on the gardens page. Add all of the golf courses to the golf section as well as post golf events on there and add a link to the CentralCoast home page that will take people to the golf section! Change the font on the Fishing page. Add pics. Add content to the lakes page. Add content to the horeback riding page! Change the font on the biking page, add biking events to the page. Get some links placed on it as well.! Add content to the hiking page. Get a list of all of the hiking trails along the Central Coast and place it here.

Comming soon to Updated sections and upgraded features!
These are the sections of the site that will be updated in the next few days. Please let me know if you would like to add an article or any ideas to these sections! I will be adding Avila Beach to the home page alongside the other cities! As well as updating the Avila page! I would like to update the Cambria home page by adding an events calender. I would like to update the Paso section. Highlighting the wineries/hotels. And an events calender! I would like to update the Monterey bay section. Making it more useful to the visiter and local. An events calender will be added to the San Luis page. Also we will be adding wedding proffessionals to the wedding section! And we will also be adding more art to the artist section! So do stay tuned! And I will update you with any changes made!
Greetings, Polluted water is unfortunately becoming a reality at many of our favorite beaches. Respiratory infections, rashes, and diarrhea are only a few of the complications that can occur when we swim and surf in dirty water. While every coastal state does have a beach monitoring program, a reliance on slow and obsolete water testing methods continues to put the public's health at risk. Insufficient funding also leaves gaps in many state programs. Congress is currently considering ammendments to the BEACH Act which will require EPA and the states to do more to not only monitor our beaches but to take steps towards solving our beach water pollution problems. Join the Surfrider Foundation in urging your congressional representatives to support the Beach Protection Act of 2007. Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this. Beach Protection Act of 2007 Your letter will be addressed and sent to: Your Congressperson Your Senators ----THIS LETTER WILL BE SENT IN YOUR NAME---- Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here], I urge you to co-sponsor the Beach Protection Act (S. 1506 & H.R. 2537). Beach water pollution is threatening the health of beach-goers and the vitality of coastal economies across this nation. Reliance on slow and outdated monitoring methods is forcing beach managers to make important public health decisions with day-old water quality information. This puts public health at risk and often forces pre-emptive beach closures, which may or may not end up being necessary. The Beach Protection Act mandates the adoption of rapid testing methods that provide water quality information within hours of sampling. It forces states to issue beach advisories within 24 hours and sets new standards for public notification. The Beach Protection Act also proposes funding for identifying and cleaning up the sources of beach pollution. Please co-sponsor this important piece of legislation and help our coastal communities manage clean, healthy beaches and protect public health. ----END OF LETTER TO BE SENT---- Sincerely, [Your Name]

News and Reviews!
74% of Home Buyers Research Online I remember when I used to sell web pages and tried to convince my clients that the internet even existed. That was back in 1995, but now the Internet is the most prolific and important aspect of our lives and its here to stay.

News and Reviews!
Dont Touch my Starfish! When visiting the tide-pools on the Central Coast, try to avoid taking the wildlife home with you. My wife and I were visiting the Dinosaur Caves last month and we noticed a tourist had carried a beautiful starfish about the size of my large head away from its home. I cant tell you how it pains me to have to police my own beaches, but its in your best interest. Aside from being illegal to remove from the beach, the more starfish, crabs, pelicans, and wildlife we keep attracts more tourists, improves the economy, and makes life on the beach more enjoyable for everyone.

News and Reviews!
Check out the new News and Reviews Section. If you have anything to add to it let me know. Anything related to the enviornment or travel and local entertainment!

Check out my cute pic!
I want you to comment! Write somthing about how cool the forums are! And how much you love the Central Coast of California or just how much you want to come and get a wine tour from me personally or go to dinner or go dancing but anyways thank you in advance.! Its a family oriented site so no seXXy stuff! Just somthing nice. And let me know when you have done it. Love GabrielleG American Hot Mama the online magazine!

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