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Nit Wit Ridge, CAMBRIA

No way, I have lived here 7 months, and have just found this place. It's called Nit Wit Ridge in Cambria. It's this old house that this man built in like 1920 or so. It's made out of JUNK. I took the tour today with my visiting parents, and WOW, it was so cool. He had made his house by hand. It's a national site now, and the tour was great. He was taken out of the place in his early 90's, even though he didn't want to go. His stuff is still there to view. It's made out fo shells...cement..lot's of rock, and wood from the ocean. It hasn't changed in over 60 years. PLEASE go see it. I think it cost us $10 a person for a 45 min tour including a short 20 min video. It was raining, and we still went. It's worth it if you like History that hasn't been touched..and ART from an old man who made his home from JUNK!