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The BEST Vegan food in the WORLD!!!


Shine Cafe Mention www.MorroBay.com and get 10% off your order! Located inside Sunshine Health Foods at 415 Morro Bay Blvd. in Morro Bay! 805-771-8344 Open 8am-Monday-Saturday Closed Sunday Morro Bay food review! Shine Cafe So how did I rate their organic vegan dishes? Lets just say I will be heading back for seconds and thirds! The food is amazing and the people you meet there are just as delicious! The dishes served at the Shine Cafe are, fresh, exciting, healthy and satisfying. And that's because they use the highest quality of whole ingredients that nourish your body and soul. Components that taste amazing and help your body function at its very best. I highly recommend The Power Pita because the hummus has a perfect balance of garlic and middle eastern spices. And its served with fresh greens and shredded carrots that are so sweet they could easily double as candy and toped with a cilantro dressing that is so creamy you wonder how in the world do they do that without cream! Amongst my other favorites are the Famous Tempeh tacos. A truly satisfying and hardy dish. And that's because they use high protein soft taco tortillas topped with avocado, quinoa, fresh green spring mix, carrots and home made salsa. Yum! They also have an array of smoothies my personal favorite is the Mudslide. Bananas, almond butter, Carob, Dates and Almond milk. If your going to be in the area a stop at the Shine Cafe is a must. With nothing on the menu over $10- you cant afford not to. And while your there have a look at the local art on the walls. Feel free to ask the locals for advice they are friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Map of Morro Bay and directions via Mapquest! Get them off the link mentioned above.