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ARTHALL ARTS & CRAFTS CityPoint, Level 32 One RopemakerStreet LondonEC2Y 9AW United Kingdom Email:arthallarts@sifymail.com JOB OPPORTUNITY Hello, How are youdoingtoday? I hope all is well. Would you like to work online from homeand get paid weekly ?ARTHALL ARTS & CRAFTS needs a book-keeper in theUnitedStates, so I want to know if you will like to work online fromhome andget paid weekly without leaving or affecting your present job?Thecompany presently run an arts galleria in the UK and we need someonetowork for the company as a representative/book keeper in united thestates. The company deals in the sale of Art and Craft works,sculpturesand carvings,antique artifacts and produces various fabricsmaterials,batiks, assorted fabrics and various traditional c ostumesfrom all overthe world and we have clients we supply weekly in theUnited States. Ourclients make payments for our supplies every week informof cashiercheques which are not readily cashable outside the UnitedStates, so weneed someone in the United States to work as ourrepresentative andassist us in processing the payments from our clientsand he/she would bepaid a weekly salary. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS RECEIVETHIS PAYMENTS FROMOUR CLIENTS ON BEHALF OF OUR COMPANY IN THE UNITEDSTATES, GET IT CASHEDIMMIDIATLY WITHOUT DEPOSITION THEN DEDUCT YOURWEEKLY PAY AND FOWARD THEBALANCE TO THE COMPANY DOWN HERE VIA WESTERNUNION/MONEY GRAM MONEYTRANSFER. Our payments will be issued out inyour name and you get themcashed in your bank deduct your weekly salaryand foward the balance tothe company via western union/money gram moneytransfer. Basically whatthe Company is searching for is aRepresentative/Book-keeper in theStates who wou ld help to establish amedium of getting our funds fromour customers there. If you areinterested in working with us we would bevery glad as inability to getour Payment in cash has posed a big problemand has affected accountreconciliation and turn over grossly. These arelegitimate transactionsbetween our customers and our companyRepresentative and there is nolegal risk as these are payments for goodsalready bought anddelievered. We are offering 10% of whatever amount itis that you cashper week as salary and subject to your satisfaction youwill be giventhe oppurtunity to negotiate the mode by which we will payfor yourservices as our official Representative/Book-keeper in theStates.Themode we would preferwould be instant deduction of your salaryfrom theAmount before going ahead to send whatever is left back viaWesternunion/Money gram money transfer. We are aware that you would bechargedto have the money sent whatever that would amount to is to bedeductedfrom the balance of the funds after you must have deductedyoursalary. Please if you are interested forward thefollowinginfo: FIRSTNAME......... SURNAME........... ADDRESS........... CITY.............. STATE............. ZIPCODE.......... COUNTRY........... PHONENUMBER...... AGE............... OCCUPATION........ EMAILADRESS........ Hoping to hear from you soon. Mr Ronald Brown. ARTHALLUK WORK AT HOME (COMPANY REPRESENTATIVENEEEDED!!!!!!) Note : Do not reply me back here. Kindly get back to me on this Email adress : arthallarts@sifymail.com.