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Local Galleries


MONUMENT BOARD SHOP in Arroyo Grande showcases amazing art surrounded by all of those skateboards. Pieces by local artists Dane Carlson and "Sawdust" & well known artist Noah, whose work is a favorite among tattooists. His work has been used by Quiksilver and featured on TV's "Inked" and "Meet the Barkers". Info: 1402 Grand Ave., 473-1144. SEASIDE GALLERY in Pismo showcases Simon Bull, Godard, Victor Ostrovsky, and many other amazing works. Info: 773-8057 or www.theseasidegalleries.net. STEAMING BEAN COFFEE AND TEA COMPANY in Shell Beach. 1651 Shell Beach Road. Great art to check out while you are caffeinating. Info: 773-2222.