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50% Buyer Rebates

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You won't find this great of a deal anywhere on the central coast! If you are buying a home and your Realtor is not giving you a rebate, you are walking away from thousands of dollars! If you are planning on purchasing a home from a cooperating home builder or a home listed with any cooperating real estate agency, you can recieve 50% of my commission. It is common procedure for the selling broker or builder to split their commission with the buyer's agent. I then wll give half of my cmmission to you. I will be able to give a good estamate of what your rebate will be if you have found a home you are interested in. Usually, builders and real estate offices pay 2.5%-3% commission to the buyer's broker/agent on a home. If it is 3% on a $500,000 purchase, (my commission woulb be 15,000 and you would get half; 7,500). If you're buying a more expensive home, you can see how the amount of cash back greatly increases. If you have any questions, please ask, there is absolutely no obligation. Robert Cakshiri Broker/Owner Diamond Properties, DRE Lic# 01726104 Realtor 805-709-1247