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Game Show Casting in Paso Robles!


Game Show Network will be in Paso Robles casting for and filming a new game show. This is a family-friendly quiz show - nothing mean-spirited, no gross-out stunts. We are looking for men and women, 18+, of all ages, races, occupations, and backgrounds, who live in Paso Robles and the surrounding areas. The show will be filmed in Paso Robles in June, but we will be there Wednesday, May 30th for casting! We will be at the Paso Robles Inn on 1103 Spring Street from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Please call or email for more information and to make an appointment. Feel free to pass on this info to friends, family... anyone you think would have fun on a game show! Alyse (323) 960-2913 alysewax@yahoo.com