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Urban Retreat In Atascadero Hwy 41 @ 101


Luxurious 2 hours respite ($200.00) for Busy Entrepreneurs who are seeking services for Mature Adults deficit from touch, seeking to restore themselves to their natural normal and adult like state. Perfect if you are someone who is a single parent, widow(er) divorced or someone who spends a great deal of time nurturing business and employees. In order for you to be able to continue to give so much, you need to be restored. This is done by a mature masseuse Harbin Hot Springs Style, Certified Watsu, Certified Ipsalu Kriya Yoga Tantra, World School of Massage, 1000's of hours of CMT training and experience. For those who discern and have discriminating taste for the BEST things in life. In this electronic age, this organic means to take a respite at a lovely gated, private, serene, rural, upscale resort off Hwy 41@ 101 in Atascadero is the answer you have been looking for. A combination of the best quality and skill in bodywork therapy as well as teaching of energetic breathwork which will help to co create a wonderful and relaxing treatment which is long lasting and energizing for the rest of the week. Learn to stave off stress and release stress. Available some mornings, some afternoons, some evenings, some weekends by appointment. Same day available. Accomodations to your schedule. Please click on the link for lots more information