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Host a Speciality Beer-Tasting Party. ************************************ Just like a wine-tasting party, this is a fun excuse to get together with friends and sample the many different varieties of beer. We supply the beer, we serve six to 12 different beers at your tasting and about three ounces of each beer per guest during the tasting session. We have on hand extra bottles of the beers during the tasting in case your guests would like more. Beers available for post-evaluation drinking. All beer brewed "IN HOUSE" by myself, these are "ONE OF A KIND" speciality fruit beers. At the present time we have six different types of speciality beers available: I deliver "Free SAMPLES TO YOU"prior to your event for your tasting approval! HERE ARE THE BEERS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: 1) Cranberry Beer 2) Blueberry Beer 3) Cherry Beer 4) Black Irish "STOUT" 5) Rasberry/Apple Beer 6) Mexican "Tropical Punch" Beer. Ask about "Special Request Brews". 1. Give me a call for more info: Ty - 466-1905 ****MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE, AND SHOW ID, BEFORE TASTING/DRINKING ANY BEER.