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Seeking career as Personal Chef/Inn keeper

Hello, My name is Cynthia. I cuurently own a successful catering company in Northern Humboldt County California. I am looking to relocate to the central coast in 2009. I have a passion for cooking and entertaining! For 28 years I have been in the service industry and never tired of it. I taught at a respected cooking school for eight years, as well as private cooking classes. Aside from my oun catering business, I have Catered for high-end companies in the San Francisco area including Bill Grahm Presents where I catered for celebraties such as Diana Ross, David Bowie, and Neil Diamond (just to name a few). I have also been a chef in fine dinning restaurants on the North Coast. I specialize in Japanese cuisine, but I am also skilled with Thai, Korean, French, Italian, Mexican and California Cuisine. I enjoy gardening, painting, outdoor activities, and I love animals and children. I am 45 and in good health. I am looking for a live-in position that could include other resposibilities such as light housekeeping, gardening, animal or child care. My ultimate desire would be a position where I could use all the culinary and entertaining gifts I have in a frendly atmosphere. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. (707) 498-7794 or email cynthiasamsel@sbcglobal.net. I look forward to haering from you.