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Musique a trois


MUSIQUE A TROIS PLAYS AGAIN!!!!! Music in Pismo Beach every Sunday afternoon at 1pm! Zadock's Coffee, (soon to be the new Java Shack), 783 Price Street, Pismo Beach, hosts "Musique a trois" Sundays for a musical experience you will not forget. #805-773-9410 Anne and Will Dunbar have traveled the world with their originals and unique renditions of popular tunes. The show was born on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and hit the road for a tour which became a lifestyle. Their show is pure entertainment! Annie sings with joy and gusto, her originals both inspirational and thought provoking. Her voice is often confused with her flute which can both calm or soar to hieghts never imagined. Will is the ultimate boogie woogie man on his beloved piano. From classical to country he is having the time of his life. His guitar and voice are extra treats and his feet dance constantly. Tom Neuman on the standup bass (Claus), adds that third element bringing musical experience including classical, bassa, jazz and joy in his performances over decades on the west coast. Come to the Java Shack to enjoy entertainment sizzling with inspiration! Sit out on the patio with us and soak up the sun while the soothing flute settles your senses and calms your mind. Wiggle to the brazilian jazz and boogie woogie tunes with a hot cup of espresso or a fresh fruit smoothy, cold and refreshing! THEY CALL IT PLAYING AND WE DO!